Climbing is a rare activity that provides a quality physical and mental workout for everyone regardless of your physical fitness or experience.

We cater to all skill levels and have all the gear you need to get started climbing at one of Denver’s most established climbing gyms.

We are ready to give you your next challenge and make you the best climber you can be!

Everyone that will be in the facility, including spectators, must have a valid participant agreement. If you already know how to belay, you simply need to pass our belay test prior to belaying in our facilities.

If you do not know how to belay or what it means, we recommend starting with an introductory lesson. Not convinced climbing is your next sport? No class is necessary, just stop in today and try using our autobelays to see if climbing to the ceiling gets your forearms throbbing and heart pumping. We will help you into your harness and show you how to start climbing.

Children in the Gym
We encourage climbers of all ages to visit our gym. You are never too young (or too old!) to experience the joys of climbing. Climbing gyms are a great place for families and children. We even set routes specifically for kids. We will teach you how to use the autobelays and then you and your children can enjoy climbing together.