Our Staff

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Adrian (Owner / Co-Warden / RJ Thornton Manager)
with RJ since January 2013
Hometown: Brookhaven, MS
Climbing Since: 2003
Favorite Climbing Areas: Rumbling Bald, Rifle, Shelf Road, Clear Creek.
Classes Offered: Introductory Lessons
Preferred Climbing Discipline: Sport and Trad. I like ropes and altitude.
Climbing Style: Flail, sweat, flail again!
Other Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Hiking, Fly Fishing

Anna (Owner / Co-Warden)
with RJ since January 2013
Hometown: Brookhaven, MS
Climbing Since: 2006
Favorite Climbing Areas: Rumbling Bald, Rifle, Shelf Road, Clear Creek, Eleven Mile Canyon
Classes Offered: None
Preferred Climbing Discipline: Sport and scrambling
Climbing Style: Slow and steady
Other Hobbies: Painting, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Pottery, Mom to three awesome boys.

Kegan (RJ Centennial Manager / Instructor)
with RJ since November 2015
Hometown: Canton, MI
Climbing since: 2003
Favorite Climbing Areas: Joe’s Valley, Utah and Newlin Creek, Colorado
Classes Offered: Introductory and Private Lessons
Preferred Climbing Discipline: Pebble Wrestling, Practice climbing, the 6 move try hard. I’m talking about that Bouldering!
Climbing Style: I like good holds with hard moves, crimp or sloper ladders don’t appeal to me, I want to do some moves.
Other Hobbies: Eating cookie dough and shaping climbing holds

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Christy (Yoga Teacher)
Since 2018
Hometown: Aledo, TX
Climbing Since: March 2018
Favorite Climbing Areas: Mineral Wells State Park (Texas). I have yet to climb outside here in Colorado.
Classes Offered: Yin and Vinyassa Flow style yoga classes. I can't wait to meet everyone!
Preferred Climbing Discipline: Bouldering
Climbing Style: Slow and Steady
Other Hobbies: Hiking and making friends with all the dogs

Amber (Instructor)
with RJ since August 2011
Climbing Since: 2001
Favorite Climbing Areas: Westfield Village Park, Stratford Lakes Park, Green Knolls Park, among many others.
Classes Offered: Introductory, Intermediate, Learn to Lead
Preferred Climbing Discipline: Anything plastic, under six feet, preferably outdoors, and in close proximity to swings.
Climbing Style: It really depends on the weather. If it’s cold, I prefer corduroys with a hoodie, if it’s hot, a tank and spandex.
Other Hobbies: Singing, playing with my cats, I mean kids, juggling, and of course, cooking.

Drake (Instructor)
with RJ since November 2013
Favorite Climbing Areas: I am somewhat of a gym rat, but I enjoy Flatirons Bouldering, Morrison, and Carter Lake.
Classes Offered: Introductory, Intermediate Technique, Learn to Lead, and Private Lessons.
Preferred Climbing Discipline: I pretty much exclusively boulder.
Climbing Style: I enjoy pretty much everything in regards to style, the variety of movement is what keeps climbing exciting and interesting for me.
Other Hobbies: Video Games

Taylor (RJ Thornton Routesetter/Instructor)
with RJ since December 2013
Favorite Climbing Areas: The Gunks, and still exploring Colorado climbing areas.
Classes Offered: Introductory, Intermediate Technique, Jazzercise, Clogging, and Private Lessons.
Preferred Climbing Discipline: I don’t have a preferred discipline; I just want to get better at all forms of climbing!
Climbing Style: Cashmere sweater and a nice pair of slacks. If it’s warm out, I go for the deep v-neck and sandal-boots (bandals). I really enjoy all styles of climbing and try to include a variety into my sessions.
Other Hobbies: Yoga, eating, sleeping, and climbing.

Shalisa (Instructor)
with RJ since September 2015
Hometown: Afton, WY
Climbing since: 2011
Favorite Climbing Areas: I’ve like many of the areas I’ve climbed.
Classes Offered: Adult Club.
Preferred Climbing Discipline: There is a special place in my heart for bouldering.
Climbing Style: I prefer technical climbs over anything powerful, especially if it is balanced or crimpy.
Other Hobbies: Anything to be outside, cooking/eating, and family time.

Jason (Head Setter RJ1)
with RJ since December 2016
Hometown: Greenville, SC
Climbing since: 2001
Favorite Climbing Areas: Last Chance Canyon, RRG, NRG, Utah Hills, Ten Sleep, I love pretty much the whole USA!
Preferred Climbing Discipline: Sport and Bouldering in equal doses.
Climbing Style: Crimpy, steep, powerful, pumpy… I’d rather look good and lose, than look bad and win!
Other Hobbies: Trail running, exploring, being a dad!

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Evan (Instructor)
with RJ since August 2017
Hometown: Parker, CO
Climbing since: 2015
Favorite Climbing Areas: Boulder Canyon, Devil's Head
Preferred Climbing Discipline: Trad and Sport Multi-pitch
Other Hobbies: Skiing, Hiking, Mountaineering, Gear Shopping