Little Rocks

Age Range: 3-5 Years Old

Description:  This class is designed to introduce kids as young as 3 years old to climbing. With a 1:3 coach to climber ratio we are able to keep the class fun and exciting, while also teaching climbers the basics of rock climbing. During class climbers play games, learn climbing technique, and discover a fun, challenging sport that provides full body exercise for any age and skill level!  The skills learned during this class carry on throughout our Youth Programs, allowing climbers to stay continually challenged from ages 3-18!

Expectations:  At this level climbers can expect an engaging experience that challenges them in ways they may not expect.  Because climbing is suitable for nearly any age or ability, our goal is to instill a love of the sport that will last a lifetime!

Category: Recreational

Practice Schedule: 1-hour practices, once per week (practice days/times dependent on location)

Fee: $100 per 4-week session (Membership for duration of session available for $40 more)

Requirements to Join: Climbers must fit the 3-5 age range

As sessions are only 4 weeks long, the schedule may change often with demand. If the registration buttons do not show any available dates, there may still be space in the current session.

Please contact either gym directly or email with questions.