Junior Team

Age Range: 7-18

Description:  This team is designed for competitive youth athletes who are interested in pushing themselves both physically and mentally.  Junior Team is a program for climbers who have a desire to compete both locally and nationally, and is a stepping stone to our Varsity Team.  Coaches will work with climbers on technique, strength, and hard skills like lead climbing during practice, as well as help prepare them mentally for competitions.  Climbers who are interested in this team must be self motivated, prepared to push themselves during each and every practice, and have a desire to compete as an R&J Team member.

Expectations:  R&J prides itself on training strong athletes, and also developing strong character in each and every climber on our team.  All R&J Team level athletes are expected to represent their team well at all times, whether they are competing at Nationals or climbing in the mountains of Colorado.  Climbers must be able to learn from failure and display excellent sportsmanship at all times.

Category: Competitive

Practice Schedule: 2.5-hour practices, twice per week (practice days/times dependent on location)

Fee: $200 monthly electronic funds transfer, includes full gym membership

Requirements to Join: Coach approval/tryout

Please contact either gym directly or email youthprograms@climbthebest.com with questions.