What Is Included In a Rock Climbing Membership?

Just about everywhere has a membership option lately, but one place where it’s often overlooked is rock climbing centers. Rock climbing is a fun, exciting activity that helps you get in shape and grow your strength. It’s also an awesome fun group activity, and most rock climbing locations will offer excellent deals on a rock climbing membership.

6 Things In A Membership That Makes It Worth The $$$

Not sure if you want to drop the initial payment for a membership? If you enjoy rock climbing and could see yourself getting frequent use out a gym, it’s already going to pay for itself! However, here are all the things included in a rock climbing membership:

Reminder: Not all gyms will have the same offers and inclusions in their membership packages. Make sure you’re looking into the package and it’s benefits before making a final purchase!

1. Affordable Prices

Though paying upfront for a membership will be more than paying for a single visit, it should all average out by the end of the month. Take the amount of times you’d like to go rock climbing, and how many friends want to join, and add it up. Now, compare it to your membership price - if it’s less or equal, just get the membership!

2. Unlimited Access

Not only can you get into the rocking climbing gym as many times as you want during the duration of your membership, you can usually get access to other gyms and affiliated programs, too. No more planning out the cost and budgeting, just grab your bag and gear and go climb.

3. Bring Guests

Memberships commonly will feature the ability to have a guest pass that can be used each month. Many of the memberships offered to families or groups will cover more than just one person, so you and your gang of pals or family can split the price together for a membership.

4. Discounts On Gear, Merchandise, and More

If there is any sort of apparel, gear, or any other form of merchandising or food at the gym… chances are, you’re getting it for at least 10% off with your handy-dandy membership card. Most places will include a bundle package that gives you a discount code for popular climbing gear brands, and there is usually an email that will include other discounted promotions.

5. Special Promotions

Classes, programs, contests, and more may be available to membership holders at a free or discounted price. Some programs may even be exclusive to members only. For some gyms, they even give stackable discounts for consecutive months you’ve held a membership, or major deals on 12 month memberships.

6. Various Tiers

All memberships are flexible! You don’t have to commit to anything you don’t want to commit to. With the option available, you can choose your membership plan for what fits you the best. Maybe this is just a single coverage, basic membership for you only (and maybe a friend with that guest pass). Great! Sign up! There are also packages available for families and groups, or specific ages.