What to Expect from Your Rock Climbing Lessons

Rock Climbing Lessons

If you’re starting rock climbing lessons for the first time, congratulations! You’re setting out on an exciting and rewarding new journey, and you’re sure to have fun as you conquer new heights. Before long, you’ll be approaching new climbs with excitement and confidence.

But on your first day, it’s normal to be nervous. Rock climbing is a sport like no other, and it can be daunting for beginners. But don’t let that stop you from signing up for a class! Here, we’ll lay out what you can expect when you first begin rock climbing lessons.

Rock Climbing Lessons

Ground School

First things first: Know that you’re not going to get harnessed up and start up the wall right away. We want you to experience success when you actually start climbing, and to help that happen, we’re first going to give you some techniques you can practice on the ground. At ground school, you’ll learn about balance, carefully distributing and shifting your weight, and making moves deliberately. This knowledge will help you when you’re up on the wall.

Of course, you’ll also be learning about all the equipment we use in the gym. Familiarizing yourself with the equipment of the sport is an important part of safe climbing, and safety is the most important thing we do!

Your Introductory Lesson 

We recommend that people make their first lesson with us our two hour introductory lesson. You’ll learn the basics of indoor climbing. We expect people to come to us with no experience under their belts, so don’t worry if you haven’t done this before! Our qualified instructors will talk you through your climb step by step. They’re prepared to help you push through any fears you might have and take you to new heights.

You also have the option of a private lesson. If you’d feel more comfortable with one on one instruction, reach out to us to schedule something!

Climbing for Children

Climbing is a different experience for children than for adults. Younger bodies need different climbing routes, routes that will challenge them in proportion to their developing skills. But it can be a rewarding experience for children, just as it can for adults, and when done in an appropriate environment with good guidance, it’s perfectly safe. We welcome children in with their parents, and we can guide them in learning to climb our child friendly routes. Climbing could become an activity you and your child enjoy together for years to come!

Contact us to begin your climbing adventure today!