Looking for a great deal with extra benefits? Want the freedom to climb when the urge strikes? Our memberships are the ideal way to make you the best climber you can be! With any of our memberships you want to be ready to climb at least 6 times a month. Members can climb at both locations, receive a discount on all classes and retail items, bring a friend for free, visit other gyms for free, and put their membership on hold.

Monthly 6 Month 12 Month
Youth anytime $58 $312 $562
Early/Late Arrival $58 $312 $562
1-Person Unlimited $69 $390 $702
2-Person Unlimited $132 $715 $1,287
Additional Person Unlimited $58 $312 $562
*no refunds or transfers on memberships

Membership benefits

  • All memberships include unlimited entry to both locations.
  • Each member is allowed to bring one guest climber per month free of charge.
  • Your prices will never go up! As long as your membership remains in good standing and active we will not raise your dues.
  • Every time you renew for the same or greater membership we will take 10% off the original membership price.
  • 15% discount on all classes and retail items.
  • Climb for free on select days at other gyms! Visit the Boulder Rock Club on the first Friday of the month or the Spot on the third Friday of the month.
  • 10% off everything at Bentgate Mountaineering in Golden.
  • 4 FREE visits per month to Crossfit Eminence plus a Fundamentals Class.