Adult Technique


_DAG2559copyIntroductory Lesson

New to climbing? We recommend starting with an introductory lesson. Our qualified and patient instructors will teach you how to correctly put on your harness, attach to the rope, and correctly manage the rope for your partner, or belay. The class typically takes about 2 hours. The first portion of the class is spent on the ground with the instructor covering all the basics. Then the exciting part starts, and everyone gets to climb and practice their new skills. After you have taken the introductory class, you will know that you can not only climb to the top but also safely belay another climber. The cost of the class includes a membership for 7 days following the class and all your rental gear. As with all of our passes, you can utilize both locations. All participants must be 12 or older.

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Intermediate Technique Series

Have you been climbing for a few months now and your progression is slowing? Wondering how to get the graceful flow of more advanced climbers? Climbing harder doesn’t always require more finger strength. Many times it only requires listening to your body and moving naturally. We teach you proper foot placement to enhance stability and balance, more efficient ways to hang on to holds, and fluid movement to optimize your climbing potential. This series of 3 one-hour classes will improve your technique, giving you the moves you need to take your climbing to the next level.

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Learn to Lead

Dreaming of the sharp end of the rope? Or have no idea what that means? We will teach you the do’s and don’ts of lead climbing and lead belaying. In the first part of the class, we cover clipping correctly, proper clipping stance, and choosing the correct clipping line. In the second 2-hour portion, we focus on lead belaying. We delve into managing the rope for your partner and finding the balance of giving your climber enough rope to progress but not too much rope to be dangerous. We will spend time catching falls as well as learning how to fall safely. We recommend that you comfortably climb 5.10’s in the gym before signing up for this class.

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